Athletics are considered an integral part of the school's educational program. By emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, sacrifice, and dedication, interscholastic sports can be a valuable educational resource in fostering student achievement.

Athletics provides experiences that may be difficult to duplicate in other areas of a student's education. The program operates within the overall objectives and goals of the education program.


2021-2022 Winter Sport Week of 12/7 - 12/10.  Practices can be changed or shifted.  This not the permanent schedule.

Cheerleading Practice 3pm-5:30pm= Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  No Practice= Thursdays, Fridays.

Girls Basketball: 3pm-5pm= Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, No Practice Thursday.  

Boys Basketball 3pm-5pm= Thursday


Boys' and Girls' Cheerleading Packet

Boys' and Girls Basketball Packet

Sport Signature Page


 Please check regularly for updates on our Winter Sports Schedule posted here.  Sports Schedule 2021-2022   December-February



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